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Nova Orchid in my studio #2, 2014 ©NS
This one I took in high school in 2006, with a 7.1 megapixel camera…for those who seem to be nervous about finding the “right” camera. Live first.
Jasmine, we belong here. ©NS
Blue is the sweetest color ©NS
Happy Sunday #3, Kenya ©NS
LA, 2013
Perfect Mornings
Me, Moon, & Sun [by Aram]
How has Lana's fame affected you?

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How did you know photography was your passion?

I just never found a reason to stop. 

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do you think having a good camera is really necessary when you first start taking photos just like a hobby?

NO…I started with the cheapest manual camera I could afford in high school. And I still cherish those photos. Feeling is not defined by resolution. Have fun!

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Black stringbean
Li in the kitchen
Li Ming