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Nova Orchid in my studio #3, 2014 ©NS
Nova Orchid in my studio #2, 2014 ©NS
This one I took in high school in 2006, with a 7.1 megapixel camera…for those who seem to be nervous about finding the “right” camera. Live first.
Hi Naomi, I'm Mercedes, from Argentina. Yesterday I started my 2nd year at college. I'm studying photography and you're one of my biggest inspiration. Love how you use the light. I have to make an essay and it'll be influenced by your photos. Keep doing it, because you're great. Hope I can talk to you someday, xo!

Thanks Mercedes. Light is one of the greatest gifts we have in this life. 

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Jasmine, we belong here. ©NS
Blue is the sweetest color ©NS
I’m thinkin Los Angeles ©NS
Revisiting Paris, Texas. Last one that will be posted here..hope you like xx
©Naomi Shon 
Hey Naomi, I'm a new photographer from Albuquerque. I just want to say your images are gorgeous. The color palettes and lighting are amazing and the subjects are so interesting. The pictures are so clear and vivid. Do you have any words of advice for a new photographer just learning? I am using a film camera, an OM10 right now.

Always be in awe! It will be good for your soul…and pictures :)

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If you had three wishes, what would they be?

Why stop at 3?

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Happy Sunday #5, Kenya ©NS
Happy Sunday #4, Kenya ©NS
Happy Sunday #3, Kenya ©NS
Happy Sunday #2, Kenya ©NS
Happy Sunday, throwback to Kenya where my soul was breathing after a long drought. ©NS